Integrity In Public Relations…Is It Possible?

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Public relations is not exactly the industry that is known for being trustworthy and honest.  In fact, it is often known for just the opposite.   Edelman’s Trust Barometer revealed in 2010 that according to the survey “trust is an essential line in business,” and that being a transparent, honest, trustworthy business are among the top ranked qualities for a company to possess.

It is important for companies to present the most honest and ethical face to their public.  Many times a company or public figure will initially address a scandal with a false truth or spin, refusing to acknowledge the actual problem.  This compromises the integrity of the company, and chances are the public will eventually find out the truth, further compromising the public perception of the company.

Keeping your integrity in public relations is not easy.  Scandals are not called scandals without reason, and no company wants to admit that their cars’ brakes are defective, or that it was their employee who sent out that inflammatory tweet.  But to be an transparent business where the truth is readily available is becoming an invaluable tool in today’s society.


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