Personal Branding: Why Having An Online Presence Is Important

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There are many different types of public relations and it is quickly becoming a necessary department in many different types of businesses. Corporate PR, fashion PR and sports PR are a few of the many industries where public relations is not only important but also necessary.

But what about personal PR? There are many reasons why personal public relations is becoming increasingly important. Personal branding, as I like to call personal PR, involves creating a tangible idea of who “you” are.  Through creating an online presence you have an outlet to establish your own “brand.” It is dually important to market yourself online because it can result in job prospects as well as professional networking opportunities.

In an article by Amanda Quick on the BrandYourself blog, she talks about how creating a personal brand is important because it can promote your image.  You can easily begin creating your brand by first putting yourself online using a variety of social networks, from the basics such as Facebook, Twitter, to more business oriented sites like LinkedIn. Quick says, “You’re being Googled. By employers, by colleagues and even first dates. Building a basic online presence that can promote your image and support your personal brand is therefore essential.”

Promoting  a personal brand and reputation in the world of social media is a useful tool today because it creates visibility for potential employers.  By posting an online track record of achievements, accomplishments and skills, you can create a brand that is professionally marketable.


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