When writing my blog, there are certain set of ethics and guidelines that I will adhere to. I am modeling my code of ethics from the list provided by Kelli Matthews, owner of PRos In Training, as a professional guideline.  I firmly believe that bloggers all have a right to an opinion but must express it online in a respectful and honest manner.

1.) I will always tell the truth.

2.) I will write with purpose and determination.

3.) I will strive for accuracy and honesty in my writing.

4.) I will do my best to provide quality content in every post.

5.) I will respond to emails/comments when appropriate.

6.) I will never delete an original post once it has been published.

7.)  I will not take credit for material/photos that are not mine.

8. I will disagree with the opinions of others respectfully.

9.) I will not delete comments, unless inflammatory, spam or off topic.

10.) I will always keep private matters confidential.

11.) I will always disclose if there is a conflict of interest.


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